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Tokyo Prince Hotel

Session List

May 24 (Tue.)

9:00-10:00 Opening Session


Dominique MouillotPresident, WiN-GlobalProfile

D. Mouillot

Dominique is one of the most recognized Woman Business Leaders in the French nuclear sector.

She started her professional career as a Chemical Research Engineer at the CEA. Then, she held high positions in the fields of nuclear engineering and decommissioning, maintenance, measuring and instrumentation. She also has held senior management positions in prominent Groups. Currently, she is working for the Spanish Group GD Energy Services (GDES) , as Vice President of GDES in France.

Dominique has been involved in WiN for over 20 years, through different roles and positions. She has demonstrated strong commitment, leadership and support for women in the Nuclear Industry across the world, contributing to the growth and success of our association.

On the international front, Dominique was Vice-President of Win Global from 2014 to 2016 and leaded the foundation of WiN Europe in 2010. She undertook the Presidency of WiN EUROPE from 2010 to 2015.

Dominique is President of Win Global since 2020


Yoko KobayashiChairperson, 29th WiN Global Annual Conference Executive CommitteeProfile

Y. Kobayashi

Yoko Kobayashi received her PhD degree in instrument engineering from Keio University, Japan.

She has extensive experiences in the fields of in-core fuel management, code development and automatic control of BWR (Boiling Water Reactor).

She was also involved in research on the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for core monitoring systems, geological disposal, risk communication, etc.

Her current interests are optimizations using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

She is a board member of WiN-Global/WiN-Japan and a fellow of AESJ (Atomic Energy Society of Japan).


Tomomi InadaMember of the House of RepresentativesProfile

T. Inada

Mar 1981 Graduated from Waseda University (Faculty of Law)
Apr 1985 Registered as an Attorney

【Political Career】

Sep 2005 First elected as a member of the House of Representatives
Aug 2009 Elected as a member of the HR (2nd term)
Nov 2009 Chairman, Federation of Fukui Prefecture Liberal Democratic Party Branches
Dec 2012 Elected as a member of the HR (3rd term)
Dec 2012 Minister of State for Regulatory Reform
May 2014 Minister in charge of Civil Service Reform
Sep 2014 Chairman, Policy Research Council, LDP
Dec 2014 Elected as a member of the HR (4th term)
Aug 2016 Minister of Defense
Oct 2017 Elected as a member of the HR (5th term)
Oct 2018 Chief Deputy Secretary-General, LDP
Special Advisor to the President, LDP
Sep 2019 Executive Acting Secretary-General,LDP
Oct 2021 Elected as a member of the HR (6th term)

Keiichi YumotoDirector-General for Nuclear Accident Disaster Response, Fukushima Reconstruction Promotion Group, METIProfile

K. Yumoto

1993.03 Received a master’s degree at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1993.04 Joined the Ministry of Trade and Industry
(Engineering Division, Public Utilities Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy)
2009.07 Programs Coordination Officer, Personnel Division of Minister’s Secretariat
2010.07 Director, Petroleum Policy, Natural Resources and Fuel Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy
2012.07 Director-General of European Office, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
2015.07 Director, Nuclear Accident Response Office, Electricity and Gas Industry Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy
2017.07 Director, Material Industries Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2019.07 Director, Policy Planning and Coordination Division, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2020.07 Director for Technology Affairs and Advanced Capacity Building Strategy and also Director, Crisis Management & Disaster Risk Management Office
2021.07 Director-General for Nuclear Accident Disaster Response

Shiro AraiPresident, Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc.Profile

S. Arai

Education: B. Eng. (Nuclear Engineering), the University of Tokyo (Mar. 1982)

Career Experiences:

Apr 1982 Joined Tokyo Electric Power Company Inc. (TEPCO)
(Technical Dept., Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (NPS))
Jul 1986 Seconded to Toden Software Inc.
(Reactor Management System Dept.)
Jul 1992 Deputy Manager, Technical Sec., Technical Dept., Kashiwazaki Kariwa NPS
Jul 2008 General Manager, Nuclear Quality & Safety Management Dept., Headquarters
July 2010 Deputy Site Manager, Kashiwazaki Kariwa NPS
Sep 2013 Nuclear Safety Center Superintendent, Kashiwazaki Kariwa NPS
Jun 2014 Site Superintendent, Higashidori Nuclear Power Plant Construction Office
Jul 2019 Director & Deputy Chief Nuclear Officer, Headquarters
Aug 2020 President, Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc. (JAIF) (current position)

Rafael Mariano GrossiDirector General, IAEAProfile

Rafael Mariano Grossi

Rafael Mariano Grossi was elected the IAEA’s sixth Director General, assuming office on 3 December 2019.

Previously, he had presided over the 2020 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, and from 2014 to 2016 served as president of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. In 2015 Mr Grossi secured unanimous approval for the Vienna Declaration on Nuclear Safety, a milestone in international efforts following the 2011 Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear accident.

After serving three years in senior positions at the IAEA, he was appointed Ambassador of Argentina to Austria and Argentine Representative to the IAEA and other Vienna-based International Organizations in 2013, returning to the Argentinian Foreign Service, which he first joined in 1985.

A long-time advocate for gender equity, Mr Grossi became an International Gender Champion in 2017, focusing his efforts on improving the gender balance in the nuclear field.


Pam CowanWestinghouse president of Americas Operating Plant ServicesProfile

P. Cowan

Pam Cowan joined Westinghouse Electric Company in September 2021 as president of the Americas Operating Plant Services business unit, bringing approximately three decades of experience in the commercial nuclear industry.

In her current role, Ms. Cowan leads Westinghouse Electric Company’s full business, from business development and sales to delivery, for the existing nuclear operating plant customers across North and South America.

Before coming to Westinghouse, Ms. Cowan was senior vice president at Holtec International and chief operating officer of Holtec Decommissioning International. Previously, she held a series of positions in leadership roles at different nuclear utilities including Exelon Generation, American Electric Power and PSEG Nuclear. She also served as vice president of the Nuclear Generation Division and Regulatory Affairs at the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI).

Ms. Cowan holds a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a master’s degree in engineering management from Drexel University. She also was a licensed Senior Nuclear Reactor Operator.


13:30-14:30 Communications and Social License

Shifting the public narrative around nuclear from an inclusive perspective


Melina BelincoVice President, WiN-GlobalProfile

M. Belinco

Melina Belinco is a specialist in International Cooperation, with over 15 years of experience in Technical Cooperation working at the main Argentine R&D institution in the nuclear field, the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) of the Republic of Argentina, currently as National Liaison Officer to the IAEA and Deputy Manager of International Organizations. From June 2016 to December 2017 she was appointed to undertake a special assignment to support the planning, design, implementation, and closure of both national and regional projects at the IAEA Department of Technical Cooperation in Vienna.

Melina is the current Vice-President of Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global. She has been a member of the Executive Committee of WiN Argentina since 2014, acting as General Co-Chair of the Joint IYNC 2018/26th WiN Global Annual Conference (IYNCWIN18) held in Argentina, and for the first time in Latin American and the Caribbean. She was recruited as an IAEA expert in capacity building activities to strengthen the leadership skills of women and young people in the nuclear field. She is also a Professor in Comparative Politics at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and University of Salvador (USAL).


Eunok HanExpert member, board member, Professor, Dept. of Education & Research, Korea Academy of Nuclear SafetyProfile

E. Han

  • Mar 2015~present. Vice President, Women in Nuclear Korea.
  • Sep 2019~present. Vice President, Korea Nuclear Society (Border member included).
  • Jan 2020~present. Board member, Korean Association for Radiation Protection.
  • Jun 2019~present. Safety expert member, Hanul Nuclear Safety Council, Nuclear Safety and Security Commission.
  • Mar 2018~present. Social Contribution Committee Member, Korea Federation of Women's Science and Technology Associations.
  • Sep 2012~present. Professor, Korea Academy of Nuclear Safety.
  • Jun 2009~Feb 2010. Visiting Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch, Houston.
  • Mar 2006~Aug 2012. Professor, Dept. of Radiologic Technology, DaeguHealth College.

I majored in radiation safety from my 20s and obtained master's and doctoral degrees in radiation safety. I have obtained 4 national licenses related to radiation (radiation supervisor's license, radioisotope handler's license, radiation safety manager qualification, radiologic technologist). I have published more than 50 journal papers on radiation safety and radiation communication. I have conducted safety education for more than 20 years to improve the safety culture of nuclear power plants and radiation sites, and taught radiology students as a professor at a university.


Rebecca SalvadoreDirector, Organizational Performance & Regulatory Affairs, Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Constellation Energy CompanyProfile

R. Salvadore

Rebecca Salvadore is currently the Director of Organizational Performance & Regulatory Affairs at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station for Constellation Energy Company. In this role, she is accountable for the governance and oversight of the Training, Security, Regulatory Assurance, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental and Organizational Effectiveness functions of the station. She leads a team of highly experienced professionals and provides leadership in these areas to ensure the safety, security, and regulatory compliance for the station, as well supporting training and proficiency of the station’s workforce and technical plant staff. Rebecca is also responsible for the station’s strategic planning efforts for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion at the station in partnership with station leaders and Employee Resource Groups. In addition to her work at Constellation, Rebecca is an active participant in industry outreach organizations, including Women in Nuclear and the American Nuclear Society. She serves as a leader on the US WIN National Steering Committee, and as a volunteer supporting numerous mentoring programs to encourage young females to explore education and professions in the STEM fields.


Verónica Garea Director, Board of Directors, INVAP SEProfile

V. Garea

Veronica Garea is a Nuclear Engineer (Instituto Balseiro, Argentina) and holds an MS in Math and a PhD in Engineering Physics (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA). She worked at INVAP as a safety, reliability and environmental impact specialist for complex technology systems, including nuclear facilities. She was the head of the Department of Safety and Environmental Impact at INVAP from its creation up to 2014. She is currently the President of Fundación INVAP and a member of a Board of Directors of INVAP. She has served as an expert consultant on international projects. Her current interests include the social licensing of nuclear projects in the framework of the climate crisis as well as gender diversity in the nuclear industry. She is a professor at Instituto Balseiro, a member of the gender and diversity advisory committee of the Argentine Science and Technology Ministry and the vice president of Women in Nuclear Argentina.


Raquel HerediaTraining Manager, World Nuclear UniversityProfile

R. Heredia

Raquel Heredia is the Training Manager of the World Nuclear University (WNU), a global network committed to enhancing international education and training in leadership, peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology and addressing the main challenges facing the world today. Raquel has a transdisciplinary professional background, having worked for private companies in the energy and construction sectors, NGOs, and research institutions. She has also undertaken entrepreneurial, consulting and advocacy activities. Through these various roles, she has developed comprehensive skills in nuclear communications, project management, development and leadership.

She is the founder and president of the Women in Nuclear Mexico Chapter, the regional representative for Mexico in the North America Youth Generation Network (NAYGN), the Communications Lead of the WiN Global Young Generation Group and an active member of the WiN Global Communications. Additionally, she is the co-chair of the Voices of Nuclear international development and Promotional Lead for the Nuclear for Climate COP27 Delivery Team.


15:30-17:00 Fukushima Session

Current status and issues of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant decommissioning

Outline :11 years since the accident. Decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is progressing by accumulating knowledge from around the world. This session conveys the current status of initiatives and issues towards decommissioning the nuclear power plant, such as cooling molten fuel, removing fuel debris, discharging treated water into the sea, treating waste, and improving the environment of workers.


Akira YamaguchiPresident, Atomic Energy Society of JapanProfile

A. Yamaguchi

Dr. Yamaguchi is a Director of the Nuclear Safety Research Association. He holds BS degree in 1979 and MS degree in 1981 in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Tokyo.

He has received Ph.D degree in the nuclear engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1984.

He joined the Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (currently Japan Atomic Energy Agency) and involved in the thermal-hydraulic and safety research of sodium cooled fast breeder reactor.

In April of 2005, he moved to Osaka University, Department of Energy an Environment where he performed nuclear thermal-hydraulics, safety and risk assessment studies.

He is the former Professor in the University of Tokyo, Nuclear Professional School, Graduate School of Engineering.

Since January of 2015, he is a Professor of the University of Tokyo.

He has more than 30 years of experience in nuclear engineering.

He has been a member of governmental committees on atomic energy policy, nuclear safety, nuclear regulation and nuclear science and technology organized by the METI, NRA and MEXT.

Currently he is the chair of Risk Technology Committee of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan and a Board member of the International Association of PSA and Management (IAPSAM).


Tatsuya TaminamiVice-President, Fukushima Daiichi Decontamination and Decommissioning Engineering Company (FDEC), Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.Profile

T. Taminami

  • He joined Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. in 1987 and he has long experience in the reactor safety assessment area, as well as in emergency preparedness and nuclear security.
  • Since 2020, when he was Superintendent of the Safety and Quality Office in FDEC, he has been responsible for maintaining and improving safety and quality in decommissioning work at Fukushima Daiichi.
  • His mission now is to reduce risk at Fukushima Daiichi steadily by proceeding With many projects in a safe and timely manner.

Koji OkamotoDirector General, Collaborative Laboratories for Advanced Decommissioning Science (CLADS), JAEA
Professor, Nuclear Professional School, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of TokyoProfile

K. Okamoto

Professor Koji Okamoto is a full professor at Nuclear Professional School, the University of Tokyo. His major is Thermal-Hydraulics and Nuclear Safety. He published more than 100 refereed papers in the field of Fluid Engineering and Nuclear Engineering. He was an Asian district chief editor of Measurement Science and Technology, Institute of Physics.

After Fukushima-Daiichi NPP accidents, he explained to the public about the detail of the accident at several TV programs. He was a member of accident evaluation committee at Atomic Energy Society of Japan. He also serves as a member of several committees at NDF. From April, 2018, he also works as a Director General of Collaborative Laboratory for Advanced Decommissioning Sciences (CLADS) in Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA).


15:30-17:00 Security WS


Margaryta RyetsWiN Ukraine PresidentProfile

M. Ryets

Ms. Rayets has a profound international and technical background with almost 9 years of professional experience in the nuclear field (mainly at Chornobyl exclusion zone state enterprises) as the Head of International Cooperation Departments.

She is also a PhD student in management (department of environmental protection of National University in Kyiv) from 2021.

In June 2020 she officially established a national chapter WiN Ukraine, which is the Ukrainian branch of Women in Nuclear Global. She also established a national award WIN AWARD for women working in the nuclear field and NUCLEATHON which is a competition among students.

Since April 2022, Margaryta has been a member and a representative of the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) as WiN Ukraine lives on in WINS.

In 2019, Margaryta Rayets was listed as one of "100 Nuclear Energy Professionals" by Fairforce (an independent international expert group) among other experts and representatives of the worldwide nuclear area.


Taylor Hart-McGonigleU.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of International Nuclear Security (INS)Profile

T. Hart-McGonigle

Taylor Hart-McGonigle is a Foreign Affairs Specialist with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of International Nuclear Security (INS). INS’s mission is to prevent theft and sabotage of nuclear materials and facilities worldwide. She obtained her Master’s in Public Administration and Master of Arts in International Relations from Syracuse University.


Marina Di Giorgio2nd Vice President of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority Board of Directors - Argentina, Member of UNSCEAR and IRPAProfile

M. Di Giorgio

Ms. Marina Di Giorgio has a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a postgraduate degree in Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety and in Biological Chemistry. Specialized in genetics, radiobiology and cytogenetic dosimetry, with 34 years of experience. She joined the National Atomic Energy Commission in 1986 and the Nuclear Regulatory Authority in 1997. Di Giorgio serves as Second Vice President of the ARN board of Directors from 2020 to the present. Her previous position in the ARN was as Deputy Manager of Biodosimetry, Radiopathology and Internal Dosimetry (2015-2020). She has worked as an Argentine counterpart to various courses and regional projects of technical cooperation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA.) She teaches Biodosimetry and Radiobiology in different specialization careers. Since 2008 she has been a consultant for the IAEA on issues of her specialty for response in radiological or nuclear emergencies, under the RANET (IAEA), and REMPAN- BioDoseNet assistance systems of the World Health Organization. She has a high commitment to gender equity, in line with the Institutional Strategic Plan. She is the author and co-author of more than 100 technical papers published in refereed journals or presented at various national and international events.

Di Giorgio is currently:

  • Alternate member of the United Nations Scientific Committee for the Study of the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR), since 2010.
  • Member of the UNSCEAR ad hoc working group on Effects and Mechanisms, which develops the future work programme of UNSCEAR and monitors the progress of this work programme, from 2021.
  • President of the Argentine Society of Radioprotection (SAR), since 2019.
  • Vice President of the Radioprotection Federation of Latin America and the Caribbean (FRALC), since 2018.
  • Lead coordinator of the Latin American Network of Biological Dosimetry, since 2008.
  • Member of the Radiological Protection Commission of the Argentine College of Interventional Cardioangiologists (CACI), since 2009.
  • Member of the Radiopathology Committee of the Burns Hospital of Buenos Aires, since 2008.
  • Member of Women in Nuclear Global and WiN Argentina. Her main contributions to research and development applied to radiation protection and emergency response are:
  • Chief Scientific Investigator for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Contract Research Project CRP 3.50.10 MEDBIODOSE on Applications of Biological Dosimetry Methods in Radiation Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (E35010)- IAEA Agreement No. 22277/R0 concerning Research Project: “Contribution of the Biological Dosimetry and Bone Marrow Biomarkers for Treatment Decisions in Patients with Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma under Radioiodine-131 Therapy” (2017-present).
  • Senior Researcher for the Research and Development protocol: “Translational Clinical Trial phase I / II to evaluate the safety and efficacy of adult mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow for the treatment of large burns and radiological lesions”, approved by INCUCAI that is National Institute for Organ Donation and Transplantation.
  • Senior Researcher for the Clinical Trial: Evaluation of the Efficacy of a Treatment Based on the Application of the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) Derived from Autologous Adipose Tissue for Patients Affected by Thermal and Radiation-induced Burns, and in Diabetic Patients with Chronic Ulceration, in process of approval by INCUCAI.
  • Argentinean expert for the bilateral project carried out by the Argentine Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for an unresolved radiation protection issue: Unwanted radiation exposure incurred by patients during radiotherapy procedures - Second Primary Cancers (2017-2018)

Oum Keltoum HakamIAEAProfile

Oum Keltoum Hakam

Mrs Oum Keltoum HAKAM is Education Officer at the Division of Nuclear Security, International Atomic Energy Agency and focal point for the ‘Women in Nuclear Security Initiative”. Before she joined the IAEA, Ms Hakam was a Professor of Nuclear Physics in Morocco for over 25 years, educated and trained generations of nuclear professionals in Africa on the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear technology. She is also a gender advocate – founded WiN Morocco and WiN Africa and supported the establishment of many other WiN Chapters - to empower and create more opportunities for young women in a male-dominated field.


Roland FletcherWorld Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS)Profile

Roland Fletcher

Roland Fletcher has over 35 years’ experience working in the nuclear industry, with his most recent position as the Head of the WINS Academy, based in Vienna, Austria.

As part of the WINS Management Team, Roland is responsible for building a global community of Certified Nuclear Security Professionals while engaging with WINS members, Academy participants, alumni and Ambassadors, and external stakeholders on all aspects of nuclear security.

Prior to joining WINS in June 2019, Roland has worked at a UK National level for 12 years for the National College for Nuclear (NCfN) and the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN), to facilitate the development and implementation of new industry-wide employer led standards , initiatives and concepts for Skills, Education and Competency development, including digital learning, national educational programmes, apprenticeship standards and end-point assessment.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Honours Degree from the University of Central Lancashire and becoming a Chartered Chemist (CChem) of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in 1993, Roland has had a variety of challenging and interesting roles over 22 years at the Sellafield Site over Cumbria and Springfield’s Fuels Site in Lancashire. His experience includes; Research and Development (R&D) for Intermediate Level Wastes (ILW); medium and long term strategy developing technical solutions for the Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant (THORP); R&D, Uranium, Plutonium Commission and Fuel Manufacturing of Mixed Oxide Fuel (MOX), with the responsibility for establishing and maintaining training and competence standards, procedures and policies for the Training Operations across the Sellafield Site to meet Site Licence Conditions 9, 10, 12 and 26. Working at an International Level, Roland has participated in Peer Review evaluations as part of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO).


Anastasiia NechytailoWiN Ukraine Vice PresidentProfile

Anastasiia Nechytailo

Women in Nuclear Ukraine (Vice-President) /WINS member

Ms. Nechytailo is a Head of International Cooperation Department of State Specialized Enterprise «Сentral Enterprise for Radoactive Waste Management» under the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management. Anastasiia has got a master`s degree in international relations. Ms. Nechytailo is a coordinator of cooperation with IAEA, EC, US, UK in the areas of radioactive waste management, management of the development of deep geological repository (DGR) programme, nuclear and radiation safety and security.

In 2020 she completed Spring 2020 Visiting Fellows Program, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

Since April 2022, Anastasiia has been a member of the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS).

Anastasiia`s research interests include nuclear security, nuclear nonproliferation, and RW Management and DGR programmes.


May 25 (Wed.)

9:00-10:15 Panel Session [1]

Status and issues of decommissionings currently underway worldwide

Outline :Nearly 100 nuclear facilities around the world are currently being decommissioned. This session discusses various issues including waste treatment and disposal using new technologies, management of nuclear fuel materials, and estimation of back-end costs for long-term decommissioning.


Satoshi YanagiharaProfessor for Nuclear Engineering, Research Institute of Nuclear Engineering, University of FukuiProfile

S. Yanagihara

1976 Master course of nuclear engineering, Hokkaido University
1976-2007 Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (Tokai, Japan)
2007-2011 Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Tokai, Japan), Principal Research Engineer
2011-2022 Professor, University of Fukui
2021- Present President, Association for Nuclear Decommissioning Study
Present Visiting Professor, University of Fukui

Estelle DesrochesCEO, Cyclife, EDFProfile

E. Desroches

Dr. Estelle Desroches is currently the CEO of Cyclife, an EDF subsidiary dedicated to decommissioning and waste management.

After a degree in chemical engineering and a PhD in engineering sciences, she has spent her entire career in the energy sector, with a particular focus on the sustainable integration of production facilities into the environment. She joined the EDF Group in 1998 and initially managed R&D teams in various fields of expertise ( epollution of thermal powerplant fumes, health and environmental impacts of plant discharges, free surface hydraulics, etc.). She managed the downstream cycle activities (reprocessing of spent fuel, radioactive waste management) within the EDF fuel division, and then steered the performance of an engineering EDF division involved in maintenance projects for existing reactors and in the design and manufacture of new reactors. In 2016, she joined the world of decommissioning, first leading the decommissioning program for EDF's graphite reactors in France (6 reactors being decommissioned) before taking over the management of Cyclife in 2021.

Estelle Desroches is the godmother of WINDI (Woman In Nuclear Decommissioning Initiative), supported by EDF.


Carla CarmichaelVice President of Nuclear Decommissioning Strateges, OPGProfile

C. Carmichael

In her role at Ontario Power Generation, Carla oversees the program for safe, cost effective, environmentally and socially responsible decommissioning of OPG's nuclear legacy by focusing on strategic and innovative solutions for liability management to ensure nuclear power remains a sustainable energy source for future generations. In her previous role, as VP of Commercial Management and Project Assurance on the Darlington Refurbishment Project (DRP), one of Canada’s largest and most complex nuclear infrastructure projects.

She has held the position of VP, Nuclear Finance, responsible for the financial oversight of OPG’s nuclear assets and has led OPG’s Canadian Nuclear Partners and Isotope businesses. Carla joined the nuclear industry in 2009 as the Director, Nuclear Benchmarking and Planning.

Carla is a strong advocate of nuclear technology and its value to climate change solutions and socio-economic fabric of Ontario. She is currently on the Board of Governors’ at Ontario Tech University, a Board member of the Candu Owners Group, the Durham College Foundation Board and is an active member of Women in Nuclear. In 2020, Carla was recognized for her work in the industry and the advancement of women in nuclear with the Harriett Brooks Award. Carla is a past OPG President’s Leadership Award winner.


Toyoaki YamauchiSenior Executive Officer, The Japan Atomic Power CompanyProfile

T. Yamauchi

1982 Graduated from Tokyo University Nuclear Engineering
1982 Entered JAPC
1985-1991 JAPC Tsuruga NPP
1991-1996 JAPC HQ Plant Engineering Department
1996-1999 Federation of Electric Power Companies, Nuclear Power Department
1999- JAPC Decommissioning Project Department
2014- JAPC General Manager of Decommissioning Project Department
2016- JAPC Senior Executive Officer

Margaret MervinProject Manager, Waste & Decommissioning SNC-LavalinProfile

M. Mervin

Ms. Margaret Mervin has 15 years of experience across a broad range of functional roles within a project delivery organization. Her responsibilities have included Project Management, Engineering Management, Business Development and Proposal Management. Ms. Mervin has been most recently responsible for the management of the decommissioning and waste management projects being executed by SNC-Lavalin in Canada. Ms. Mervin has extensive project life cycle experience ranging from delivery of specialized niche technical services to tier one management of an EPC project. Her major accomplishments include the development of a conceptual plan to empty a CANDU spent fuel bay and developing metrology capability within SNC-Lavalin.


10:45-12:00 Panel Session [2]

Role of nuclear power in achieving carbon neutrality

Outline :Nuclear power is indispensable for achieving carbon neutrality. The value of nuclear power continues to be evaluated around the world, and this session examines the initiatives of each country to determine what is needed to further contribute to climate change mitigation measures by maximizing the use of nuclear technology.


Adoración Arnaldos GonzálvezWomen in Nuclear Innovation LeaderProfile

A. Gonzálvez

Adoración ARNALDOS GONZALVEZ is Industrial Engineer, specialized in energy, by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. She also holds the qualification of University Specialist in Environment and Nuclear Safety and a postgraduate course in Business Management.

She has been working all her career for the nuclear sector, particularly developing new technologies and innovation projects, for both the public sector (university departments and institutes) and private companies. Adoración has also participated in the creation and management of technology-based companies, as Titania Servicios Técnológicos and GDES Technology for Services. Since 2020, she has become the Innovation and Technology Director of the international group, GD Energy Services.

Adoración is very connected to the association Women in Nuclear. She is the leader of the WiN Global Group of Expertise Women in Nuclear Innovation (WiNI), created under the framework of the collaboration between WiN Global and the World Nuclear Association. Also, she is currently responsible for international relations in WiN Spain.


Kei ShimogoriSenior Researcher, Global Energy Group 1, Strategy Research Unit, The Institute of Energy Economics, JapanProfile

Kei Shimogori

Kei SHIMOGORI is a Senior researcher for the Global Energy Group 1 of the Strategy Research Unit at the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ). Her current research focuses on nuclear energy policy and developments in Japan and the world, as well as energy policy of European countries. While at IEEJ, Ms. Shimogori has focused on issues related to developing and maintaining nuclear energy in competitive markets and has written on electricity market reform and nuclear power in the United Kingdom. Ms. Shimogori has provided monthly analytical articles on European energy topics since April 2015. She has jointly written on decarbonization of ASEAN energy system up to 2060.

Ms. Shimogori received B.L. in International Law from Waseda University in 2010 and MPP in International public policy from Graduate School of Public Policy, the University of Tokyo in 2012.


Susan KornVice President, Nuclear Project Management and Decommissioning, ConstellationProfile

Susan A. Korn

Susan Korn is Vice President of the Nuclear Project Management and Decommissioning organizations at Constellation. She is responsible for the overall execution of major projects across the nuclear fleet, ensuring a consistent level of high performance across the Project Management organization, which manages >$500M Capital Spend Annually. Her decommissioning responsibilities include the development of the strategic and tactical decommissioning planning prior to a plant’s permanent shutdown, and the performance of the activities post-shutdown to put the plant in SAFSTOR. This includes providing oversight of the technical, financial, and political aspects of spent nuclear fuel and decommissioning for the nuclear fleet.

Professional History

Prior to her current role, Susan was the Director of Strategic Projects where she was responsible for identifying, establishing and institutionalizing fleet-wide best practices, leading the PM organization with the CENG/FCS integrations, and providing G&O of the Project Management department programs and processes. She also served as the Director of Programs & Alliances, responsible for the G&O the OP&S training program, the department HU/CAP, department indicators and business operations. In this position, she was responsible for the relationship and performance of the Exelon Nuclear Alliance Partner Companies. She spent 3 years as the Director of Strategic Sourcing for the Business Services Company, supporting the Exelon Nuclear fleet. In this role, Susan led a team of Procurement Professionals responsible for the procurement strategy; contracting and supplier performance monitoring of over $1 Billion spend. She was also a manager in the Nuclear Business Operations department holding several different roles.

Before joining Exelon in 2003, Susan spent over 15 years in the Engineering Consulting business, primarily serving the Nuclear Power Industry. During this time, Susan was able to gain diverse technical and business experience holding roles in Engineering, Project Management, Business Development, and Management.

Susan is also the past Chairwoman and Steering Committee Member for U.S. Women in Nuclear (WIN). She is a co-founder of the WIN Nuclear Executives of Tomorrow (NEXT) Program and is on the oversight committee for the program. Currently, Susan also is an active member of the Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global Executive Committee.


Sama Bilbao y LeónDirector General, World Nuclear Association (WNA)Profile

Sama Bilbao y León

Sama Bilbao y León became the Director General of World Nuclear Association in October 2020. Sama has more than 20 years of experience in nuclear engineering and energy policy. Sama has a very diverse professional experience having worked in the nuclear industry (Nuclear Safety Analysis Engineer, Dominion Energy, USA), in academia (Director of Nuclear Engineering Programs and Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), USA) and in international organisations (Head of the Division of Nuclear Technology Development and Economics at the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), Head of the Technical Secretariat for the Generation IV International Forum (GIF), Head of Water Cooled Reactors Technology Development Unit, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)). Sama, who is originally from Spain, holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Energy Technologies from the Polytechnic University of Madrid; a master's degree and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics from the University of Wisconsin ? Madison; and an MBA from Averett University. Sama is one of the seven founders of the North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NA-YGN).


Andrea BachrataWiN Global Young Generation lead, Research Engineer at CEAProfile

A. Bachrata

Andrea works as a Research Engineer at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). In 2011 she received a “For Women in Science” prize from L’Oréal-Unesco for her doctoral research work. She currently leads the technical group on sodium fast reactor severe accident studies within CEA, both at the national and international levels. Andrea shares her passion for nuclear science with students and encourages young women to decide on technical careers.

As a Win Global Young Generation Lead, she oversees the group work and serves as a link between Young Generation and WiN Global.


Princess MthombeniWiN Global Excellence Award Winner, Africa4NuclearProfile

P. Mthombeni

Princess Mthombeni known by many as “Princy” is a Women in (WiN) Global Excellence Award Winner, a communication specialist, and a lifelong nuclear technology advocate, from South Africa. Her globally recognized work involves providing high-level strategic support to the government in leading, executing, and ensuring the success of nuclear communication strategies.

Princy’s contribution to the nuclear industry includes founding Africa4Nuclear, an advocacy campaign that promotes nuclear energy as key contributor to achieving Africa’s Agenda for Sustainable Development.

With over 13 years of experience in the nuclear industry, Princy has built an even more powerful reputation which led her to becoming a Thought Leader in communicating nuclear matters on the African continent. Her incredible work has seen her being invited to speake at numerous high-profile global events such as International Schiller Institute Conference, COP26, 55th JAIF Conference, among others. She has also been featured in different news platforms including World Nuclear News.


Larissa Pinheiro Innovation Researcher, Data Scientist and PhD candidate in Nuclear Engineering, Program of Nuclear Engineering, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro & Nuclear Engineering InstituteProfile

L. Pinheiro

Chemical Engineer, master in Nuclear Engineering and PhD candidate in Nuclear Engineering at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Was selected as a finalist in the Climate Change Communicators Global Competition (2021). Won 2nd place at the first edition of the CO2 Competition, promoted by the WiN Global and WiN Global Young Generation in 2021, with the “4Rs-Action to Tackle the Climate Crisis” proposal. Is part of the Women in Nuclear Brasil, working in the Communication and Content Production Group. Is engaged in the climate change and the clean energy causes, giving workshops and speeches in Brazil and Latin America, raising awareness about the urgency of the theme and the crucial role of nuclear regarding CO2 reduction and energy availability.

Already worked as a post-graduation professor in energy production, is currently an Innovation Researcher at the Nuclear Engineering Institute (IEN) in Brazil and is also working and a Data Scientist for the corporate industry.


13:00-14:15 Panel Session [3]

Gender balance in the nuclear power sector

Outline :The power of women is essential for nuclear power to be accepted by the general public. This session shares good examples for women to play an active role in the nuclear power sector, where the number of female employees is extremely small, and discusses future issues.


Gabriele VoigtDirector, r.e.m. Radiation Environment Management Consulting / Liaison Officer to the IAEAProfile

G. Voigt

Ms. Gabriele Voigt, born in 1952, is a biologist and holds a doctorate in genetics, microbiology, and biochemistry. She habilitated from the University of Munich in Ecological Chemistry and is lecturing Radioecology. She is working as a radioecologist since more than 30 years in the field of radiation protection, nuclear sciences and environmental management and remediation.

From May 2002 to December 2009, she served as director of the Seibersdorf Laboratories at the International Atomic Energy Agency in charge of the FAO/IAEA Joint Laboratory, the Nuclear Physics-Chemistry-Instrumentation Laboratory and SSDL, and the Safeguards Analytical Laboratory as well as facility management. After 2009 she oversaw the Office of Analytical Services in the department of Safeguards until her retirement in 2015 which included the construction of a Clean Laboratory and a Nuclear Material Laboratory on site.

From 2016 to 2020 Gabi has been elected as WiN Global President. From 1988 to 2020 she served as managing editor to the Elsevier Journal Environmental Radioactivity and is an elected/nominated member of a variety of scientific advisory committees and scientific societies in her field of her expertise.


Tomoko NakanishiCommissioner, Japan Atomic Energy Commission
Project Professor, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of TokyoProfile

T. Nakanishi

I received Ph.D. in radiochemistry from The Univ of Tokyo, measuring long half-lives of Nb to study the history of space. When I began to work at the institute or the chemical company, I had to change my research field from chemistry to bioscience, treating with mammalian and plant cells. Therefore, after I began to work at The Univ. of Tokyo my interest has been focusing on the application of radiation and radioisotope technique to plant physiology, analyzing water and element movement. With the development of our real-time radioisotope imaging systems, now my interest is to image CO2 gas fixation process in a plant. While working at the university, I was deeply incorporated into quite a few government meetings related to science or policy making, including nuclear energy. Now, I have been working at the cabinet office as a commissioner of Japan Atomic Energy Commission, for more than 8 years.


Callum ThomasCEO, Thomas Thor AssociatesProfile

C. Thomas

Callum is the founder and CEO of Thomas Thor Associates, a recruitment, executive search and HR consulting organisation dedicated exclusively to the global nuclear industry and with offices across Europe, North America and the Middle East. His expertise is in attracting, recruiting and retaining the workforce required to build, operate, maintain and decommission nuclear facilities. Having worked in the nuclear industry across more than 30 countries, Callum has a global perspective on human resources and capacity building within nuclear. He is passionate about achieving inclusion and diversity in the global nuclear workforce and is co-founder of the not-for-profit initiative ‘’Inclusion & Diversity in Nuclear’’.


Shaukat AbdulrazakDirector of the Division for Africa, Technical Cooperation Department, IAEAProfile

S. Abdulrazak

Shaukat Abdulrazak is the Director for the Division for Africa, in the Department of Technical Cooperation, at the IAEA. Under his supervision, he facilitates IAEA technical cooperation support to 46 countries in Africa.

Before joining the IAEA, Abdulrazak worked as CEO at the Kenya National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation. He has more than 25 years working experience as a professor and university administrator, chairman and member of national and international boards, including the African Technology Policy Studies (ATPS), the Kenya National Economic Social Council, the African Commission on Nuclear Energy and the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

Abdulrazak is a Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences, the African Academy of Sciences, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences. He has published over 120 papers in international journals, scientific conference and symposia proceedings. He has been an editorial board member and reviewer of several international refereed journals. His undergraduate studies were at Egerton University, Kenya. Abdulrazak obtained his Master of Science and PhD degrees from the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, and his Post Doctorate from the Shimane University, Japan.


Adriana SerquisPresident, Argentinean National Atomic Energy CommissionProfile

S. Adriana

President of the Argentinean National Atomic Commission.

Principal Researcher of Argentinean National Research Council (CONICET), Titular Professor at University of Río Negro.

Ph.D. in Physics (2000) from Instituto Balseiro University of Cuyo and Bachelor Physics (1994) from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Post-doctoral position at Los Alamos National Laboratory (2000-2003) USA.

Expertise in several topics such as: materials characterization, transport and magnetic measurements, thermodynamic properties of non-stoichiometric oxides, crystal structures and materials defects. Different synthesis techniques (including those to produce nanostructures).

Materials of interest include energy relevant materials such as zirconia, storage materials, and fuel-cells.

More than 100 scientific publications.

Argentinean National Prize L´Oréal-Unesco “For the women in science”, 2014.

Konex Prize- Merit Diploma in “Nanotechnology”, 2013.

Houssay Young Researcher Award, Materials Sciences end Engeneering, 2007.

Award in Material Science Symposium: Championing Scientific Careers, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2002.


Soheir KorraaProfessor, Radiation Health Research, National Centre for Radiation Research and Technology - Egyptian Atomic Energy AuthorityProfile

S. Korraa

Professor of Radiation Molecular Biology - National Center for Radiation Research and Technology ? Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority. 2000 ? 2004 Delegation at the Department of Community and Environmental Medicine, Faculty of Medicine - Ain Shams University. 1996?2003 Delegation at the National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences ? Department of Medical and Biological Applications ? Cairo University . PI of one CRP and one TC-AFRA projects related to IAEA. Supervision over 35 MSc, 20 MD and 20 PhD registered at Egyptian Universities. Member of The National Specialized Committee for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering 1999 - 2015. 2017- Treasurer of the Pan African Environmental Mutagen Society (PAEMS), 2007- Secretary general of Egyptian Environmental Mutagen Society. 1999-2005 Vice secretary general of PAEMS. 2002- 2008 Expert scientific advisors and consultant to the African Institute for Biomedical Science and Technology (ABiST). Founder and President of WiN Egypt and Executive Secretary and Acting President of WiN Africa


14:30-15:10 WiN Global Awards

2022 WiN Global Nuclear Future Award

Estefania OrcelletPress and Communication, National Atomic Energy CommissionProfile

E. Orcellet

Graphic Designer and Communication of Science and Technology Specialist in the Press Department of the National Atomic Energy Commission from Argentina.

2022 WiN Global Excellence Award

Eunok HanExpert member, board member, Professor, Dept. of Education & Research, Korea Academy of Nuclear SafetyProfile

E. Han

  • Mar 2015~present. Vice President, Women in Nuclear Korea.
  • Sep 2019~present. Vice President, Korea Nuclear Society (Border member included).
  • Jan 2020~present. Board member, Korean Association for Radiation Protection.
  • Jun 2019~present. Safety expert member, Hanul Nuclear Safety Council, Nuclear Safety and Security Commission.
  • Mar 2018~present. Social Contribution Committee Member, Korea Federation of Women's Science and Technology Associations.
  • Sep 2012~present. Professor, Korea Academy of Nuclear Safety.
  • Jun 2009~Feb 2010. Visiting Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch, Houston.
  • Mar 2006~Aug 2012. Professor, Dept. of Radiologic Technology, DaeguHealth College.

I majored in radiation safety from my 20s and obtained master's and doctoral degrees in radiation safety. I have obtained 4 national licenses related to radiation (radiation supervisor's license, radioisotope handler's license, radiation safety manager qualification, radiologic technologist). I have published more than 50 journal papers on radiation safety and radiation communication. I have conducted safety education for more than 20 years to improve the safety culture of nuclear power plants and radiation sites, and taught radiology students as a professor at a university.

2022 WIN Global Honorary Award

Loretta BrowneManaging Director, CoLAB Consulting LimitedProfile

L. Browne

Loretta’s career has spanned the UK Defence and Nuclear sectors as a business development manager and project manager. She is a Chartered Engineer with Masters degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Sales Management. Following working for a number of UK companies, she set up her own company CoLAB Consultant in 2017 in order to be able to pursue a portfolio of contracts working in support of Small-Medium Technical Organisations. Loretta is presently supporting the UK Nuclear New Build Hinkley Point C Project through contracts with the Somerset Chamber for Commerce, where she promotes regional businesses to HPC Contractors; and National College for Nuclear (South) as a course tutor.

Motivated towards improving E, D& I, Loretta has been involved in WiN UK since it was first formed in 2014 and has undertaken in a number of leadership roles and currently the Director for Fundraising and Partnerships.

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